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Start and finish dates: March 21st to April 17th, 2022.

Course Description

Why do politicians make the decisions they make? How do voters decide whom to support in an election? Is it possible to improve the living conditions of citizens through public policy? These are some of the questions that both political scientists and citizens often ask themselves. Professor Randy T. Simmons will address these and other topics from the perspective of public choice in order to understand politics as it is, rather than as it should be.


Randy T. Simmons is the Charles G. Koch Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Economics and Finance at Utah State University and a senior fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) in Bozeman, Montana. He is also the former mayor of Providence, Utah. His areas of interest include free-market environmentalism, property rights, and wildlife management. He is co-author of the book Beyond Politics: Politics, Market, and the Failure of Bureaucracy (Routledge, 1994). Professor Simmons has a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Oregon.

Certification Process

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UFM Students

The course offers UFM students the opportunity to receive academic credit equivalent to 1 UMA.

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  6. Pass the course with a score of 61 points or higher on both the activities of the platform and the final paper. The final grade is calculated as follows: 50% for the platform activities and 50% for the final essay.
  7. Present a physical copy of the certificate along with your final score to your department.

  1. Effort

    3 hrs. per week
  2. Length

    4 weeks
  3. Price

    $250 certification included
  4. UFM student

    Pay 1 UMA
  5. Language

  6. Faculty

    Instituto de Estudios Políticos
    y Realaciones Internacionales
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