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Start and finish dates: February 22nd to March 28th, 2021

Course Description

The MOOC Discover Don Quijote de la Mancha addresses the first part (52 chapters) and second part (74 chapters) of Miguel de Cervantes’s Don Quijote de la Mancha. Earn the 6 badges through the activities of the course.

First part: Conquer Palmerín de Inglaterra, Tirante el Blanco, and Amadís de Gaula by exploring the first 52 chapters of Cervantes' greatest work.

Second part: Win Santiago Matamoros, San Martín de Tours, and San Jorge of the 74 chapters of the greatest novel of all time.

The San Martín de Tours module, chapters 24-47 of the second part, lasts 5 weeks of study. Use the videos, podcasts, documents, readings, and forums to participate in the learning activities during the course. At the end the module you will have the opportunity to get certified.

Will you accept the challenge?


Eric Clifford Graf is a professor of literature at Universidad Francisco Marroquín. He graduated from the University of Virginia in 1997 with a PhD in Spanish language and literature . He has worked at the University of Virginia, The College of William & Mary, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Smith College, Wesleyan University, and Kershner Trading Group. He specializes in the history of the novel, medieval and early modern Spain, and literary, political, cultural, and economic theory. He is author of the books De Reyes a Lobos (2019) and Cervantes and Modernity (2007) In addition to numerous academic essays on the poetry, theater, and narrative of Miguel de Cervantes, he has also published on The Poem of the Cid, Garcilaso de la Vega, Juan de Mariana, El Greco, San Juan de la Cruz, Pedro de Calderón, José de Cadalso, Vicente Aleixandre, Julio Cortázar, and Sigmund Freud.

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Certification process

Universidad Francisco Marroquín’s online course offers you the opportunity to get certified for a USD$30 fee. Validate your achievement and increase your job opportunities.


  1. Fill out the form and send it.
  2. Upload your profile photo and your official ID in .jpg or .png format. (national identity card or passport)
  3. Pay the fee with a credit card.
  4. Take the exam and send it. Certification is granted for scores of 70 points or higher.
  5. Get your results. If you score higher than 70 points, you will receive the digital certificate by email within 48 hours.

The digital certificate is not a degree, diploma or official certifications of pedagogical competency.

UFM Students

The course offers UFM students the opportunity to validate the course for the price of 1 UMA.

  1. Send an email request to your faculty and with the following data:
    • Name and description of the course
    • UMA’s value of the course
    • Name of the academic unit that offers the course
    • Attach the course program
  2. Approve the requirements of your faculty.
  3. Enroll to the course through MiU and page.
  4. Pay 1 UMA in the bank. The price of UMA is defined by the UFM.
  5. Make the course activities.
  6. Approve the activities of the course and the final quiz with 70 points or higher.
  7. Start the convalidation process by presenting the certificate with your final score in your faculty.

Open Enrollment

  1. Effort

    5 hours by week
  2. Length

    5 weeks
  3. Price

  4. UFM student

    Pay 1 UMA
  5. Certificate

    Optional for USD$30
  6. Language

  7. Faculty

    New Media UFM
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